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Thor, God of Thunder

H-Hey guys….. 


DRAMAtical Kamigami 6.5!

Ren as Melissa

This is the vessel which has carried Ren’s mind/soul for many years. He’s always with Aoba, though he does not remember having been a part of him, nor that Aoba is a god. He tries to keep Aoba on the right path, and out of trouble, which is not always the easiest thing to do.

God Ren

I know its not the sexy half naked deity you were expecting, but things have been a bit hectic and I had to get some work done on another project. There’s still more DRAMAKami on the way!



Anonymous ASKED →

Pretty boy- M2M

Thor is completely confused. “H-Huh?” 

Send me a theme song for my character.


ariaofthesun ASKED →

✿ ☁ ♕

spoopystormgod ASKED →


Mun:*can’t speak so have a kitty*

curioussceptic ASKED →

Mun: Right back atcha bro!

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