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Yeah, I saw his post was gone when I went back to print the page out but I still got the URL which at the end has "wanted-this-girl-with-long-black-hair-glasses" at the end which shows he indeed was trying to get information on her. With her and us giving our sides, he should definitely get his dues but keep an eye out if you see it again and get a screenshot when you can. We will need that and I get the feeling he will do it again once it "blows over" in his mind.

Mun: Exactly. And I am bringing in as many fandoms as I can. This guy needs to be taken down.

Hun. I am literally in tears right now, I have no words as to thank you ;m; You're so nice and I am so appreciative of what you're doing to help me. *showers you in hugs* I don't know if that's even a worthy response to the thing you started. ;;;;;

Mun: Honey. you are a sweet person and I don’t like when my friends are threatened.


Mun: I feel like this is a good way to describe when you mess with someone in an RP community. quietasthunder I hear you’re an AMV maker. Make this a thing!

*cracks knuckles* Let’s do this.

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Exactly and those who don't know her or this situation would probably assume she was showing too much skin and that she deserved it but that picture is nothing like that. It's a completely reserved outfit and whatever is said and done in RPs have nothing to do with how she is in real life. I swear, the ignorance of people like them are what keep creepers like him in the streets where he can victimize others and makes the victims unable to be seen as human beings. Sicko needs to go down.

Mun: Yeah. But we’re all banding together. We will get this guy!

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That's just low, that some creeper is after her like that. She's a sweet girl and now she's being unable to do as she wants freely because of some guy like that. I already sent a thing to Tumblr customer support and waiting for a reply. I hope they can get his account removed and get his IP address or something and have him arrested. Something like this should most definitely be worth some time behind bars. We can't let him go about freely. He could go after others as well.

Mun: I completely agree. If my dad was still alive I could ask how long he’d be there. He was a defense attorney. This guy needs help, cause there’s no way he’s sane.

thesanctuaryprince SAID: // DUDE THATS SO FUCKED UP

I know. And it’s pissing me off.

OOC: Urgent Message

Guys. One of our own is feeling really threatened. kusanagi-kutanagi has a creeper offering a reward for her location. Please report this bastard. He is seriously making me sick. 

Link Here is the reward post. Get this guy kicked off or better yet arrested or something.


Another Egyptian joins the field. 

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